Global Climate Change has posed the many challenges over human kind. Therefore, Development of the Technologies, which can sustain in the adverse climatic conditions for the betterment of human beings and their environment to mitigate the Food, Water and Air security are highly necessary, which are prime in importance. IBAP has registered as per the rules and regulations of Government of India under the company’s act, 1956 with an aim to propagate the appropriate technologies related to Agricultural Sciences and Safe Environment and its availability very fastly, accurately at a Global Level for the overall Development of Farmers Community and the related organizations. The IBAP has an association with dexterity Scientists and Officers having an experience of more than 25 years from various fields viz. Agriculture, Sugar Engineering, Sugar Technology, Alcohol/Ethanol Technology, Sugar Chemist, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Automation Engineer, Architecture, Finance Manager, Accountant, Environmentalist, and Bio Technologist. This organization has a noble association with the various organizations, in India and abroad.


  1. ‘ Best Citizens of India ‘ Award International Publishing House, New Delhi, India, 2008.

  2. ‘ Noel Deerr Gold Medal’ and Certificate for Best Research Paper on Sugar Beet, STAI, New Delhi, 2008.
  1. ‘ Rashtriya Gaurav ‘ Award for Outstanding Research and Development Work. India International Friendship Society, New Delhi, India, 2007.

  2. Referee, GS-5 Cane Committee, International Commission for Uniformity to Measure Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA), USA,  2006.

  3. ‘ Noel Deerr Gold Medal ’and Certificate for Best Research Paper on Sugar Cane Woolly Aphid, STAI, New Delhi, 2005

  4. ‘ National Fellow ’ by Society of Plant Protection Scientists, IARI, New Delhi, 2005.

  5. ‘ Best Scientist ’ Award for Outstanding Contribution in Research & Development in Sugar Cane activities by Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune, India 2004.

  6. Felicitation by Shri Sadashivrao Mandlik Kagal Taluka SSK, Dist. Kolhapur for Outstanding Research and Extension Work in Sugar Cane Woolly Aphid Control by Biological Method on Large Scale at Farmers Level, Kolhapur, MS, India, 2004.

  7. ‘ K.P.Deshmukh Memorial Prize ’ for the presentation of Second Best Research Paper on Sugar Cane, DSTA, Pune 1988.

  8. ‘ K.S.Kale Memorial Award ’ and Prize and Certificate for presentation of Best Research Paper on Sugar Cane, DSTA, Pune, 1978.


1.Head, Entomology
Director and head crop protection
Director, Agriculutural research and extension Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune.

2. Assistant Prof, Entomology College of Agriculture, Pune.

3. Assistant Entomologist, Central Sugar-Cane research station, Padegaon, Post.Nira, District-Satara.

Progression and Promotion of the Cost-Effective, Health, Cultural and Societal conditions of the Farmers and their Community through assorted activities at a global level.

Profitability Maximization in Agricultural and Related Industries with a slogan to generate the Employment Opportunities mostly in Rural Areas and to reduce the Malnutrition through Establishment of New Industries with the contemplation of Eco- Village Concept.

  • Research, Development and Transfer of Technologies in the field of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Social, Educational, Medical etc.
  • Large Scale Production and Supply of Bio Control Agents for Crop Pests management with need base use of pesticides.To provide and demonstrate the Agricultural findings in the crops viz.Sugar Cane, Sugar Beet, Cotton, Soybean, Cereals, Vegetables, Plantation Crops, forest Trees, Lawns.
  • To support the Technical Services and to engage in the Business of Consultancy.To undertake, accept, carry-out, support the social responsibilities with various Socio- Economic objectives.Survey, Feasibility, Development, Appraisal report, etc. Project Preparation.To conduct the Training Programs at National and International level on aspects of Crop Cultivation and Sugar Factory Development.
  • Considering the Food Shortage, Low Economical Benefits at Farmers level, more Crop Losses, Increase in Crop Production Cost, Changing Climatic Conditions and need to Create the employment, the IBAP has launched a Strategic Plan to provide the Result Oriented and Not Expensive Technologies in Agriculture and the Allied Industrialized Sectors through,Biotechnology related to Agricultural Crops, Organic Farming, Bio- Farming, Bio-Village, Bio-Control of Crop Pests and its Implementation at Farmer’s Level.
  • Developing Capacity Building programs in Agriculture in the era of “Ever Green Revolution” or “Second Green Revolution” in association with the National and International Organization.
  • Business Development in Manufacturing and Processing of Sugar and Co- Products, Soy Oil, Corn Products etc.
  • Transfer of Technologies at Students, Farmers, Officers and policy maker’s level on the issues and findings in various fields Agriculture Engineering Education, Medical, Social, and Cultural.
  • Acceptance of Biological control of crop pests projects for its management in open field and in polyhouses.
  • The firm also has network with several professionals and able to obtain their services as and when needed.

Progression and Promotion of the Cost-Effective, Health, Cultural and Societal conditions of the Farmers and their Community through assorted activities at a global level.

  • The company is registered as per the rules and regulations of Govt. of India under the companies act, 1956. 
  • AIMS –
      • To make available the appropriate technologies at a global level for the overall development of farmers and the related organizations including sugar factories with an aim for safer environment. 
      • To generate the employment in the related areas, which is a prime need of the countries to mitigate the food, water and air security.
      • To upgrade the economical, social and cultural levels of the farmers  mainly in developing countries.