The financial wing of IBAP has been helping new cooperative sugar factories and expansion projects in obtaining term loans from central financial institutions, preparing of feasibility and project reports, cash flow etc. for existing factories, the Financial wing also prepares memoranda for submission to Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices (CACP) and Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices (BICP) for fixation of Fairs and Remunerative Sugarcane Price (FRP) and levy sugar price so that the interest of the sugarcane farmers are taken care of. These are very exhaustive work, done after collection of data from factories and compilation of them. The wing also looks into the credit, excise and taxation problems of the member factories to ensure smooth functioning of the factories. The Financial Cell has also prepared Standard and Uniform method of Accounting & Costing in sugar factories.

IBAP’S factory team has extensive experience investigating, planning and reviewing all aspects of operations in sugar factories, sugar refineries, cogeneration plants, ethanol plants, packing halls and port loading facilities in many countries around the world.

Our factory specialists regularly visit sugar facilities providing on-going technical support for performance improvement. Whether on site or from our offices in the India, we can assist owners and factory management staff compile operational plans, capital and maintenance budgets, specifications for new equipment and plan modifications to factories. Our team can also attend and witness factory acceptance tests on behalf of the owner.

IBAP’s experienced factory team provides the following services to sugar factories:

  • Technical and performance reviews and audits including support services such as management, engineering, stores, workshops, effluent systems, instrumentation, training and development;
  • Energy reviews and evaluation of steam and process balances to make recommendations to improve operating efficiencies;
  • Procedure and performance audits in laboratories to improve monitoring and measurement of factory control parameters;
  • Equipment performance reviews and recommendations for packing plants in sugar refineries and raw sugar factories;
  • Operations & Maintenance management services for sugar manufacturing, refining, placing and supporting key personnel on site to manage operations on a day to day basis.